Salary increase for state employees: how much they will earn in October

Salary increase for state employees: how much they will earn in October
September 26, 2023 – 2:33 p.m.

UPCN, ATE and the State agreed to a salary increase of 23.2% in two tranches. How will the salary that employees receive in October be?

The State Workers Association (ATE) and the Union of Civil Personnel of the Nation (UPCN) agreed with the State on a 23.2% salary increase for sector employees divided into two installments, with a review in November.

Furthermore, the $60,000 bonusestablished by decree 438/23, for those who earn $400,000 or less in two sections of $30,000, will not be absorbed by joint ventures.

In this way, the cumulative increase for state employees in the June-October period it reaches 63.89%.

In turn, the union detailed that the cumulative 23.2% in two sections It will also be applied to the award for presenteeism, daycare, travel expenses and other salary concepts.

How much will a public employee earn in October?

According to the last parityhe public employee will have the following salary increases.

– In October He will receive the September salary with an 11% increase and if his assets do not exceed $400,000 he will receive the last tranche of the bonus, which is $30,000.

– In November will receive the October salary with the 11% increase.

It should be noted that between both increases, being cumulative, the total update for those two months is 23.2%. In turn, by November the unions agreed to reopen the joint negotiations.

Source: Ambito

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