1 euro coins: these coins are worth a small fortune (video)

You can see in the video: These 1 euro coins are worth a small fortune – do you have them in your wallet?

Perhaps you have a small fortune in your wallet and you don’t know it.
Because some euro coins are in great demand among collectors and are worth many times their face value.
But how do you recognize them?
1 euro coins with rare minting errors are offered on eBay for several thousand euros, for example.
Rare mints are, for example, a missing feature or two identical pages. So when a coin has two faces.
But a lot of money is also paid for weaknesses in the embossing or if the front and back are not at the same angle.
Further flaws can enormously increase the value of a coin. However, many embossing machines already recognize during production whether an error has crept in. This is why incorrect coins are extremely rare – and therefore valuable.
Possible incorrect mintings are also so-called fried egg coins, i.e. if the inside was minted slightly higher than the outer edge. Or if the color seems to have run.
Outdated maps are also a popular misprint. These are old euro coins on which the EU enlargements are missing on the payment side.
Coins from smaller states such as the Vatican or Monaco can also be worth many times their face value.
Because the number of coins from these small countries is usually more limited.
The year of issue and the edition with which they were made are decisive.
You can find information about the value of the coins on collectors’ and auction sites.

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