Survey on Deutschlandticket: More than every second large company offers a cheap job ticket

Survey on Deutschlandticket: More than every second large company offers a cheap job ticket

In a survey, six companies even stated that they would completely cover the Deutschlandticket for employees. For Greenpeace, this is a model that should set a precedent – “instead of company cars for a few”.

More than half of the large companies in Germany offer the 49 euro subscription to their employees at a discount as a job ticket.

In a survey by the environmental protection organization Greenpeace among the 90 companies listed in the Dax and MDax, 46 of the companies surveyed responded accordingly, as the association reports. 31 companies stated that they did not use the job ticket regulation. The job ticket is being planned at a company. Twelve companies did not respond to Greenpeace’s request.

With the so-called Deutschlandticket, holders have been able to travel on local and regional buses and trains throughout Germany since May. The subscription costs 49 euros per month and can be canceled monthly.

A maximum of 34.30 euros per month

Companies have the option of offering the ticket to their employees as a job ticket. If the employer pays at least 25 percent of the ticket price, there is an additional 5 percent discount from the federal government. For employees, the ticket then costs a maximum of 34.30 euros per month.

According to the Greenpeace survey, 16 of the companies surveyed use this discount scheme. The remaining 30 companies subsidize the ticket even more. In six companies, the employer even covers the entire cost of the subscription. The employees there pay nothing for the offer.

“Instead of company cars for a few, companies should offer all employees a Germany ticket in the future,” demanded Greenpeace mobility expert Marissa Reiserer. “This requires the willingness of companies and a transport minister who gives the ticket a secure perspective with a reliable price and consistently improves the offer.”

According to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), around 15 percent of the around 10 million Germany subscriptions sold so far are job tickets. “We could be much further forward if employers and employees could rely on the fact that they are creating a long-term mobility solution with the Deutschlandticket,” said public transport managing director Alexander Möller when asked.

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