News program: New “Tagesthemen” presenter starts without a farewell ritual

News program: New “Tagesthemen” presenter starts without a farewell ritual

Wickert wished a “restful night”, Zamperoni ended his broadcasts with an appeal. The new “Tagesthemen” woman Jessy Wellmer wants to forego any striking final words – and gives reasons for this.

The new “Tagesthemen” woman Jessy Wellmer starts her first show next Monday without a farewell ritual, which is one of the trademarks of some presenters.

The 43-year-old said in an interview with the German Press Agency: “Unfortunately, ‘Stay confident’ has already been taken… Together with my colleagues, I noticed that predominantly men tend to have such a final ritual.”

Wellmer added: “But regardless: I think it’s good if I retain the freedom to make the sentence at the end of the program dependent on the day and the events in question. But if at some point I think of a Zamperoni or Wickert final sentence – or if it happens, then maybe I’ll bring it too.”

Which sentences went down in the TV annals

The TV presenter is known to many viewers from the “Sportschau” and news programs on RBB. Wellmer follows presenter Caren Miosga on the ARD “Tagesthemen”, who will take over the political talk from Anne Will next year.

Wellmer alternates with presenter Ingo Zamperoni. At the end of his presentations he always says: “Stay confident!” The final sentence of the former “Tagesthemen” man Ulrich Wickert (80), who always wished “a restful night,” is probably still ringing in many people’s ears.

Biographical information about Wellmer

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