more raids in banks in the city of Buenos Aires

more raids in banks in the city of Buenos Aires

This Thursday, new raids linked to Ivo’s criminal network Esteban Rojnica“the Croatian” They are carried out in offices owned by them. Customs and Federal Police Personnel They search two safe deposit boxes in the City of Buenos Aires in search of new elements in the case that investigates the operation of Nimbus, considered the largest cave and main player in the blue dollar market.

According to the file, the criminal network operated more than 35 safe deposit boxes in banks and private lockers. This Thursday’s operations searched a safe in the Banco Ciudad de 25 de Mayo y Sarmiento, which would belong to Federico Pulenta; and another in the French Bank, in Reconquista and Rivadavia, in the name of Rojnica.

Croatian bank raids 2-11

The investigation of the Croata criminal network continues for dollar caves

The case that investigates the functioning of Nimbus It has already collected various methods of money laundering and evasion, such as travel agencies that contracted services that were not provided, to access dollars at the official value; overinvoicing of imports, to keep the difference in dollars; and under-invoicing of imports, triangulating with other destinations to later enter foreign currency through Cash with Settlement.

The creation of offshore accounts in a broad corporate structure is also included, with sub-headquarters in countries such as Spain and Ireland.

Besides, The Rojnica criminal network, which had branches in downtown Buenos Aires and in San Isidro, liquidated the operations through a WhatsApp group called SM140, which was administered by someone identified as Cande Masche and which is also the subject of investigation.

New revelations: this is how the SM140 WhatsApp group operated with the “cable dollar”

On a new day in which the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) together with the Federal Police raided an office in the Microcenter that allegedly functioned as a branch of Nimbus, the largest “cave” in the city, linked to the detained financier Ivo Rojnica, alias “the Croat”, new revelations about the illegal operation were known. The investigation has already achieved have access to accounts of Argentines abroad who operated with those companies.

The Director General of Customs, William Micheldetailed that “they had the cable dollar wholesaler, that is, the black dollar transfer operations abroad through compensation. The SM140 WhatsApp group managed by a person identified as Carla Masche I received requests every morning from people who wanted to flee dollars abroad in banknotes.“.

“They, through three companies they had in Hong Kong and five in the United States, made the transfers by clearing operations. How is that black dollar nourished? In many cases of tourism agencies that overbilled tourist packages to escape abroad and in other cases overinvoicing of imports in which they inflated the value and left the dollar ‘in the black,'” he added.

As Michel described, “every morning these people offered a quota of dollars to transfer abroad and absorbed the local market and transferred the money to accounts of Argentines in the United States. Under the agreement with the US government to exchange fiscal and financial information , We are having access to accounts of Argentines who operated with these companies. Millionaire transfers are being investigated,” he concluded. Most of them would be based in the British Virgin Islands.

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