Manini Ríos fuels the crisis in the Executive by suggesting the involvement of Lacalle Pou in the Marset case

Manini Ríos fuels the crisis in the Executive by suggesting the involvement of Lacalle Pou in the Marset case

The government of Uruguay is rocked by a new scandal after the chancellor Francisco Bustillofrom the nationalist kidney, will resign for his participation in the attempt to hide responsibilities regarding the delivery of the passport to the drug trafficker Sebastian Marset. For the leader of Open Town Hall, Guido Manini Ríos, President Luis Lacalle Pou He would be involved in the chain of command for which, until now, Bustillo was responsible, and he once again raised the specter of the rupture. For his part, the Colorado Party and the Game Independiente repudiated the facts and will meet to analyze the issue.

The institutional crisis that the government is going through could not be lacking in the statements of Guido Manini Ríos to finish generating a stir: for the lobbyist leader, the president Lacalle Pou would be involved in the scandal surrounding the Marset case since “clearly Mr. Lafluf did not act on his own,” as he said in dialogue with the Informal Breakfast program.

His statements refer to the statements of the former vice chancellor Carolina Ache, who said she had been summoned to the 11th floor of Executive Tower by the presidential advisor Roberto Lafluf, responding to an alleged request from the head of state. Asked if for him Lacalle Pou gave some kind of order, the senator from Town meeting He stated it emphatically: “Yes. I am convinced.”

Likewise, Manini Ríos demanded that the president immediately return to the country after the known events, in line with what was also established by the Broad Front. “This is such a serious issue that the president should already be in Uruguay, but he will have his reasons for not being here,” he said.

In that sense, he also stated that he had waited for the president to contact him to give explanations about what happened: “I waited for a call from the president and I have not received it,” he lamented, adding that “as members of the coalition we deserve clear explanations.” After the comment, Manini Ríos once again raised the tone of the controversy, and assured that “if this case is not clarified well, it will make us all think that drug trafficking is permeating the political system”.

could you go Town meeting of the coalition? “All possibilities are open based on the explanations given to us,” responded the lobbyist leader, and emphasized that the political cost will be at the coalition level rather than the party level. “Town meeting It does not even have the goalkeeper in the departments of the Executive Branch involved in this case,” he added.

The reactions of Colorados and independents

For his part, the Colorado Party and the Independent Party They did not take long to position themselves and describe the event as “very serious”, in an attempt also to distance themselves from the scandal that is affecting the government—of which, in addition, the Colorados already suffered the consequences when he resigned. ache —; and each one will meet internally in the next few hours to discuss the latest controversy that is affecting the government.

In that sense, the representative of the main partner of the National Party was the minister of Tourism and precandidate Tabare Viera, who maintained that the situation “is undoubtedly very serious.” “There is political responsibilities that must be assumed by those who have been exposed. The penalties will be determined by justice but clearly we do not share that way of acting,” she expressed through social networks.


Likewise, he announced that the issue will be discussed at a meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Colorado Party.

For his part, the minister of Work and Social Security (MTSS) Pablo Mieresleader and founder of the Independent Party, spoke on behalf of his sector, and agreed with Viera that “the facts that became known are very serious.”

For the head of the MTSS, what happened “merits immediate measures linked to those who acted outside the legal framework.” Likewise, he indicated that the party will meet in the next few hours to “analyze the situation.”


The “anger” of the National Party

For the ruling party, the scandal uncovered after Ache’s statement in the Prosecutor’s Office “is the biggest mess” that the government has faced until now. And the unrest is not only between Colorados and independents, but also within the nationalist ranks, where “fury” and “zero support” abound for the leaders who are still under the magnifying glass and that, according to the whites’ bench, they must also take the step to the side.

In this way, Bustillo seems to have opened the door for the Minister of the Interior to also leave the government. Luis Alberto Heberwhich, although it would not have a direct participation in the controversy over Marset’s passport, is already worn out on a political level by the clashes with the Broad Front; of the Undersecretary of the Interior, Guillermo Maciel; and the presidential advisor Roberto Lafluf.

Among their own, the obvious lies that they uttered during the interpellation in the Parliament, when they said that “it was not known who Marset was” at the time of issuing the Uruguayan passport, they hurt more. “We have a barbaric fight; “They all have to go, like Milei,” said one of the most involved white senators, according to El País. Another spoke of “lack of respect” with the leaders of the ruling party “who are trying to do things right.” This time, the fallen would be people very close to the leadership not only of the national government, but also of the PN.

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