What are the operations that will not be enabled this Monday?

What are the operations that will not be enabled this Monday?

This Monday, November 6, bank branches they will not open for public attention, for celebrating the “Day of bank workers.” But be careful, because the compensating chambers that act in the liquidation and compensation of the operations.

In this way, operations that have due on monday They will be settled the next day, Tuesday, November 7, 2023, as detailed by the Central Bank in a statement.

Banking Day: what is enabled

During the day, the electronic means, such as ATMs and home banking, and will be available digital payment systemssuch as wallets, debit and credit cards and payments can be made by transfer.

The banks highlighted that payments and transfers can be made using the application of the financial entities or through homebanking and withdrawals can be made in supermarkets and pharmacies.

The operations with expiration that same day will be settled the next day, as well as the settlements of the National Social Security Administration (Anses). According to the calendar established by the pension entity, DNIs ending in 6 and 7 will go to Tuesday the 7th and those ending in 8 and 9 to Wednesday, November 8.

Banking Day: stock market holiday?

For Bank Worker’s Day National Securities Commission (CNV) declared a stock market holiday for next Monday. That is to say that, in addition to the banks, Neither the exchange market nor the stock market will operate.


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Banking Day: why is it celebrated this Monday, November 6?

He Banking Day It is celebrated in Argentina on November 6 in commemoration of a historical milestone for workers in the financial sector. In 1950, an agreement was reached between the bank employees and banking entities which established improvements in the working conditions and salaries of workers.

This agreement, known as the Collective Labor Agreement, marked a milestone in the union and labor struggle of bankers, and since then November 6 has been celebrated as Bankers’ Day in recognition of this important labor achievement. The date is an occasion for remember and honor the struggle and effort of bank employees in search of better working conditions and benefits for their union.

This Monday will also be the commemoration of the 99th anniversary of the constitution of the union of the Banking Association. Over the years, this date was incorporated as a non-working date in the union. That “achievement” was abolished during the military governments, but later with the return of democracy it was incorporated again.

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