54 million euros for the online marketplace Refurbed

54 million euros for the online marketplace Refurbed
The Refurbed founding trio (from left): Peter Windischhofer, Jürgen Riedl and Kilian Kaminski
Image: Refurbed

The Viennese company Refurbed, founded in 2017, has secured its largest investment to date: As it was announced today, Tuesday, 54 million euros were raised from investors. The money comes from investors Evli Growth Partners, C4 Ventures, All Iron Ventures and Speedinvest. This brings the total investment since 2017 to 116 million euros.

Refurbed was founded by Kilian Kaminski, Jürgen Riedl and Peter Windischhofer, who comes from Münzbach in the Perg district. The project is an online marketplace through which customers can buy used, high-quality electronic items, such as smartphones. In 2020, the company, which now employs 290 people, was awarded the OÖN Digital Prize Digitalos. “This milestone clearly demonstrates the broad acceptance of sustainability that is now making its way into consumer decisions,” says Windischhofer. The range now includes more than 18,000 products, including household appliances and e-bikes. Refurbed is present in seven countries. According to Refurbed, the products on offer are up to 40 percent cheaper and have at least a twelve-month guarantee.

According to the company’s own information, external sales of more than one billion euros have been achieved since it was founded. The company’s ambitious goal is to become the world’s leading marketplace for used electronic products in all areas of life.

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