Top fitter David Beckham: He jokes about “dramatic” wife Victoria

Top fitter David Beckham: He jokes about “dramatic” wife Victoria

When David Beckham asks you to train, he doesn’t do things by halves. Apparently Ms. Victoria had to experience this firsthand.

Apparently there are good reasons why Mel C (49) was once given the nickname Sporty Spice, while Victoria Beckham (49), who likes to dress elegantly, became Posh Spice. In any case, David Beckham (48) made fun of his wife’s fitness level and posted the literally stunning results of a visit to the gym together.

Seen in one picture: The completely exhausted Victoria, lying unconscious on the gym floor. David Beckham’s snarky comment on the sporting tragedy: “My wife isn’t being dramatic or anything – but this happened this morning.” Becks also claims to have read his loved one’s thoughts at that moment: “I want to sleep!” In a second photo from the strenuous session, Victoria seems to have gotten herself into the stable side position on her own…

Rolls-Royce instead of a bicycle

The fact that the former English national soccer player occasionally bullies his wife is not only clear on his Instagram channel. There was also an entertaining dispute between the two in his own Netflix documentary. When Victoria claims with a serious face that her family was part of the “working class” during her childhood and youth, her husband cannot contain himself and admonishes her with the words: “Be honest! What kind of car does she have? Did your father drive you to school?” After initially pushing around, she finally admits: “Okay, in the ’80s my dad had a Rolls-Royce.”

Despite various marital crises, which are also addressed in the documentary, the two prove again and again: What loves each other, teases each other. The couple have been living life as husband and wife for almost 25 years; the wedding bells rang in 1999. The marriage resulted in four children: three sons Brooklyn (24), Romeo (21) and Cruz (18) and daughter Harper (12).

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