What is the Foreign Ministry that Sergio Massa devises like?

What is the Foreign Ministry that Sergio Massa devises like?

Sergio Massa already has in his head a model of what his foreign policy management could be like in case he is elected president. He will seek a reform of the diplomatic promotion system, focus Chancellery on commercial issues and will aim to promote a federal perspective. Exports, productive investments and incoming tourism among the central axes. From Beijing to Washington, the pragmatism of the candidate minister. The names that orbit their environment and advise on the matter.

The Foreign Ministry will be a fundamental piece for the next Government. In the current organizational chart, the portfolio contains the Secretariat of International Economic Relations, which is in charge of promoting Argentina in the rest of the countries, promoting exports and encouraging the arrival of new investments. Dollars that will be necessary, both for the Unión por la Patria candidate, who seeks to stabilize the macro by strengthening the national currency, and for the libertarian, who intends to eliminate the peso.

The Minister of Economy is already working on a plan to reform the foreign service. Massa is convinced that the mission of ambassadors must be focused on trade and the promotions of diplomats must be given based on their achievements in this area. “They have to have more knowledge of the real economy and We are going to redirect resources towards markets that provide more opportunities“, one of the leaders who advises him told Ámbito.

Close to the Unión por la Patria candidate, they assure that in the event that the Unión por la Patria candidate is elected, as of December 10, a “federal approach”because a large part of the products with export potential are in the regional economies. The same logic applies to resources from strategic sectors to attract investments, mainly energy and mining.

Along the same lines, from the massist plants highlight the role that the tourism sector will play in the coming years and particularly the receptive one. This weekend, Massa led, together with his tourism partner, Matías Lammens, the presentation of a comprehensive plan for the promotion and development of international tourism. The initiative has among its objectives to reach 10 million international tourists in 2027, generate US$28,000 million between 2024 and 2027 and contribute to the activity representing 12% of GDP.

For this purpose, it is proposed to expand getaways from neighboring countries, improve international connectivity through Aerolíneas Argentinas, promote Antarctica as a destination, promote gastronomy and wine as a beacon of attraction and host large cultural events and conferences. For all this, a wide dissemination of the Argentine brand in the world is also required.

Ambassadors, officials and important politicians

Among Massa’s advisors on international issues, the Argentine ambassador to Switzerland, Gustavo Martínez Pandiani, stands out. The former undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Foreign Ministry was a key player in organizing the international line of the Ministry of Economy during the last year. He participated in several tours and was one of the spokespersons authorized to the media during the electoral campaign.

Among the representatives of the area who have been working within the Government and are listened to by Massa are Jorge Neme, which today appears within the Economy organization chart, but knows the corridors of the San Martín Palace like few others. Also Marco Lavagna, with a low profile but a very close connection with the presidential candidate. This list can include Christian Asinellivalued for his management at the Andean Development Corporation (CAF).

Some names with their own political weight appear as potential members of a hypothetical Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the case of Daniel Scioli, who recomposed his relationship with the Minister of Economy after the closing of lists and became a spokesperson on that matter. Three sources from different sectors mentioned in dialogue with Ámbito a Juan Manuel Urtubey. A participation by the former governor of Salta, who was outside the Unión por la Patria group, would support the idea of ​​the “government of national unity” proposed by Massa.

From Beijing to Washington, the pragmatism of the candidate minister

With well-oiled ties in both Washington and Beijing, Massa knows that links with the two main economic powers will be fundamental in the years to come. In fact, one of the first challenges of an eventual Tigrense presidency will be reformulate the agreement with the International Monetary Fundwhere the White House plays a decisive role.

In the case of Chinathe prominence is linked to the infrastructure project financing on a large scale and the activation of swap for the payment of imports and even debt maturities. The Central Bank has already used the equivalent of $10 billion in yuan, which Milei must add to the account to be settled to dollarize the economy, if it continues in the position of cutting ties with the Asian giant.

Sergio Massa is probably the Argentine politician with the best relations in USA. He has frequent contact with Republican and Democratic leaders.. But he is also the minister who decided to pay maturities to the Fund for the first time in history with yuan, with a bridge loan with Qatar and who assures that he will prioritize the unity of Mercosur as a regional economic bloc.

Source: Ambito

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