They made a Milanese with Taylor Swift’s face and it caused a sensation on the networks

They made a Milanese with Taylor Swift’s face and it caused a sensation on the networks

Taylor Swift It arrived in Argentina on November 8 and in just four days it unleashed collective euphoria. The swiftie fever It spread from its fans to all levels of Argentine society, but the surprise came from a Buenos Aires restaurant that, like it did with Lionel Messi, created a breaded with the singer’s face.

Nobody wants to be left out of the popular sentiment generated by the artist American, who has recently become a global icon of pop culture. From hotels with full capacity to entrepreneurs who make bracelets and t-shirts of all kinds, the Taylor Gate causes a sensation in Argentina.

The love for the singer knows no limits. Thousands of followers demonstrate it every day in the streets, on the networks and they transmitted it to the artist in the two shows of the tour. The Eras Tour that took place so far in the Most Monumental Stadium.

Milanese Taylor Swift.mp4

The video of the El Antojo restaurant with the step by step to create the Milanese with Taylor Swift’s face.


However, the attention went to a restaurant chef. The Craving who in recent days uploaded a step-by-step video to social networks to cook the “Milataylor”, how he defined it.

The “gastronomic artist” used an iconic image of the singer to then recreate her features in detail on a piece of raw meat. Next, he covered the work with breadcrumbs and immersed it in boiling oil. The final result was a Milanese with Taylor Swift’s face.

The publication quickly went viral and earned the chef a flood of praise from Instagram and Tik Tok users. “Argentina, you wouldn’t understand”, “The Michelangelo of the Milanese”“The madness is total”, “La taylormilanga no exisss”, some wrote, while he enraptured the artist and asked her: “Where else in the world do they make a fuss about your face @taylorswift? Only in the best in the universe.”


Meanwhile, the singer will perform her last show tonight at the stadium in River Plate, in front of thousands of fans who will chant his name again. Although it is the first time that she visits the country, it is certain that, after the displays of affection, it will not be long until she steps on Argentine soil again to revive the passion and love of the River Plate public.

Taylor Swift shone at her second show at River: kiss with her boyfriend Travis Kelce and surprise songs

Taylor Swift shone again in her second performance in Argentina, renewed her love for the local public and surprised her fans with a kiss for her boyfriend Travis Kelce when closing his show.

The Jamerican football player He arrived in Ezeiza on Friday and after the improvised night off due to the storm that postponed the recital, he went to the Monumental to see his girlfriend and followed the concert alternatives from one of the VIP tents. There he was seen talking very animatedly with his father-in-law Scott, dancing to the songs and singing. “Olé olé olé Taylor”

But the most salient thing happened at the end of the show. With the chords of “Karma” still floating in the atmosphere, the singer-songwriter quickly descended the stairs of the stage and headed to the dressing rooms, greeting her audience. There, under the applause of the crowd, she was waiting for her Travis. Upon seeing him, he quickened his pace and they merged into a hug and a passionate kiss that caused automatic applause from all the fans.

One of the moments of the night would come for the acoustic set, in which Taylor presents two surprise songs -never repeats from one show to another-. It was there when the American drove everyone crazy with a mashup of ‘Is it over’ and ‘Out of the woods’, with ‘End Game’.

In a hug to the local public, she also dedicated some words moved by affection: “You have no idea how that makes me feel, when you do that, when you make so much noise. I am so happy to see you. I am so happy to be with you tonight I love that, I love when they do the ‘Ole Ole ole'”.

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