Rainfall in the core area exceeds historical average and more rainfall is expected

Rainfall in the core area exceeds historical average and more rainfall is expected

The rains recorded in the first half of November in the Argentine agricultural core area already exceed the historical average for the month, indicated this Wednesday the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR)which expects more precipitation in the coming days.

The Precipitation is generated at times of the presence of the El Niño climate phenomenonwhich causes rains to intensify in the most fertile agricultural areas after a very dry winter.

“We are beating the historical accumulated results of November by a landslide”said Cristian Russo, head of estimates at the BCR, according to a report from the entity, which detailed that in the last few hours the northwest of the Argentine agricultural heartland received between 15 and 40 millimeters of rain.

“Prospects suggest that significant and more widespread rainfall is still to come,” added the report, which noted that the water “has important implications for agriculture and the economy.”

In its weekly agroclimatic report, the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange (BdeC) said this Wednesday thatOver the next seven days, the province of Buenos Aires, whose north is part of the local agricultural core, would report between 10 and 50 millimeters of precipitation.

The rest of the Pampas region would see light rains of up to 10 millimeters, according to the BdeC.

The rains of recent weeks have given a strong boost to the start of planting Argentina’s 2023/24 soybeans and improved the status of the lots planted with 23/24 corn, which still has most of the hectares planned by sow.

The Rosario Stock Exchange estimates the soybean harvest at 50 million tons and corn at 56 million.

Source: Ambito

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