People are buying less food

People are buying less food
The self-sufficiency level for milk is 178 percent.

Household food purchasing volumes fell by 3.5 percent in the first half of 2023 compared to the previous year and are therefore slightly below the level before the start of the corona pandemic, as shown in the “Report on National Food Supply Security” by Agriculture Minister Norbert Totschnig. The food supply is secure: the self-sufficiency rate for drinking milk is 178, for beef and veal it is 147 percent and for pork it is 108 percent. More potatoes and grain are currently consumed than produced.

The movement “Austria Suitable for Grandchildren” with representatives of the organic industry in Austria criticizes the low organic quota in public procurement on the part of Federal Procurement GmbH and has written an open letter to Finance Minister Magnus Brunner: According to the Sustainable Procurement Action Plan,… From January 2023, 25 percent of the food purchased in federal institutions will be organic, and from 2025 30 percent. Currently it is only four percent, although 28 percent of the areas are farmed organically. The movement calls, among other things, for changes to tenders.

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