The S&P Merval rebounds and breaks a streak of four losses in a row in the last pre-ballot round

The S&P Merval rebounds and breaks a streak of four losses in a row in the last pre-ballot round
November 17, 2023 – 12:51

In the last round before the presidential election next Sunday, Argentine stocks open higher and mark the first rise of the week.


He porteño bag bounces this Friday, November 17, and short a bearish streak of four days in a row. This happens within the framework of the last round prior to the ballot which will be held next Sunday, in which the forces of the current Minister of Economy will be measured, Sergio Massaand the libertarian Javier Milei.

In that scenario, the S&P Merval rises 1.6%to 611,982.01 units. In this way, the stock index marks the first rise of the week, after four declines in which it accumulated a decline of 8.8%.

The leading panel actions operate with most rises. Those who register higher profits are those of Ternium (+5.3%), YPF (+3%) and Aluar (+2.6%).

In the same vein, he pointed out Javier Timerman, Managing Partner of Adcap Grupo Financiero, who states: “When there is financial instabilitythe first to suffer are the weak countries, but Argentina’s situation is very particular: the movements of local assets are not so related to global assets or what is happening with the global economy because we are in an electoral process that, “Whatever happens on Sunday is going to end up being very disruptive, generating a tremendous rift.”

And he anticipated that, whoever wins, It will be very difficult to governin a very complicated context, which requires making many decisions.

Argentine shares on Wall Street

The Argentine stocks in NY operate with most rises. The ones that mark further progress are those of YPF (+4.7%), Black Hill (+3.5%) and Edenor (+2.9%).

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