GOLD – a proven anchor in turbulent times

GOLD – a proven anchor in turbulent times

Value stability as a crucial investment factor
Returns, risk and liquidity are no longer everything when it comes to investing your money in the best possible way. For many investors, it is value stability that is now just as important for their investment decision in times of economic uncertainty.

Preserve values ​​with gold in the safe
Partner Bank has been enabling investors to invest in physical gold since 1996. The physical gold bars are of the highest quality (999.9 Fine Gold, 24 carat) with a “Good Delivery” quality guarantee and are stored in Austrian vaults.

Gold as a component of your pension strategy
Investing in real assets and thus in gold is becoming more and more the focus of investors. “With us, customers can invest in gold very individually and tailored to their needs using gold savings plans or gold one-off investments,” says board member Andreas Fellner, MSc.

Partner Bank customers also have access to professional personal advice from cooperating financial service providers. Partner Bank sees physical gold as an essential component of private provision. For diversification reasons, it may be recommended to keep part of your reserves in gold. There is the possibility of continually building up your gold inventory through regular purchases. With such a purchase plan, customers may be able to benefit from a possible cost averaging effect and at the same time have suitable protection in their portfolio.

Creating a future through training
The Partner Bank and the humanitarian organization “TwoWings Network” have had a close partnership since 1996. Through our social responsibility, Partner Bank supports the commitment of TwoWings, which gives girls and women worldwide access to education and thus creates a future. For TwoWings, unleashing people’s potential is the basis for any sustainable development. Partner Bank customers have the opportunity to support carefully selected projects through (dividend) donations, including product-related donations. “Education as the key to success – every dividend counts” is the common motto.

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