BROU was recognized as the best bank in the country

BROU was recognized as the best bank in the country

He Eastern Republic Bank of Uruguay (BROU) was chosen as the best among all banks of the country for the prestigious publication The Banker, which placed it at that level when carrying out its 2023 entity measurement.

By highlighting the BROU as number one Uruguay, The Banker highlighted the profitability and equity support of the entity, as well as its commercial offer for SMEs, young people and its commitment to financing infrastructure projects throughout the country.

The president of the BROU, Salvador Ferrer, He echoed the distinction through his social networks and expressed that “this recognition is a sign that we are fulfilling our obligation: to be increasingly better in our service and to support the development of people, families and companies in our country. ”.

Ferrer He thanked and congratulated all the members of the bank, but also the clients. “To those who choose us every day, know the commitment to go for more,” she promised herself for the future.

BROU milestones during 2023

During this year, in which a project was even close to being completed to absorb the Hipotecary Banc, he BROU managed to generate a series of improvements for customers, but also multiplied its credits for the productive sector and strengthened its prevention for money laundering.

The entity that presides Ferrer last month began allowing its users to send and receive transfers to mobile numbers through eBROU, for which clients must associate their preferred bank account in pesos and/or dollars with their cell phone numbers.

In addition, it began to operate with debit cards from the Mastercard company, with benefits such as Contactless technology, while weeks ago it launched its new credits for liabilities, intended for the granting of loans with discounted rates to retirees.

Meanwhile, committed to mitigating the effects of the drought, BROU signed an agreement with the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) so that farmer producers can access preferential credits with a limit of 2 million pesos to undertake water resources works and improve production equipment.

Another of the relevant events of the year was the agreement signed with the National Customs Directorate (DNA), through which the bank began to implement the Qualified Economic Operator Program, to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

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