France: Unions call for an end to farmers’ blockades

France: Unions call for an end to farmers’ blockades

Farmers in Germany’s neighboring country are also taking to the streets. The French government now wants to help the farmers. Trade unions then called for an end to the protest.

After further promises of aid from the government, France’s largest agricultural unions are calling for a temporary end to the blockades by farmers.

The announcements should be written down again and then the blockades should be suspended, said Arnaud Gaillot from the Jeunes Agriculteurs union. Instead of blocking, the ministries and local authorities want to work on the points announced by the government. Arnaud Rousseau from the FNSEA union made it clear: “The movement does not stop, it changes.”

Gaillot wants to see concrete improvements at the Salon International de l’Agriculture trade fair at the end of February. Longer-term measures should be in place by June. If this is not the case, we will not hesitate to mobilize again on a large scale. Rousseau also warned: “If we find that all this was just a showmanship, the result will be catastrophic.”

France’s farmers have been demonstrating for days, mainly with motorway blockades, against falling income, environmental regulations from Brussels and, in their opinion, too many requirements. The government promised them comprehensive help.

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