ARBA detected an ultra-modern corporate office building declared vacant in Nordelta

ARBA detected an ultra-modern corporate office building declared vacant in Nordelta

The inspection teams of the Collection Agency of the province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) carried out a comprehensive operation in Nordelta, Tigre district, in which they detected a luxury office complex of 14,500 m² built that paid the Real Estate Tax as if it were vacant land.

Although the building, which its developers describe as sustainable and intended for AAA quality corporate offices, was built more than a year ago, it still did not have a single square meter registered in the provincial cadastre. It has 5 floors built and has underground garages.

In addition to this property, ARBA’s inspection in Nordelta found irregularities in other real estate items, including more than 100 houses and 81 swimming pools.

In total, adding the building and the rest of the undeclared constructions, the Collection Agency detected 45,000 m² not registered. Those responsible were indicted and will now face fines of up to $25 million.

Regarding these operations aimed at detecting evasion and recovering debt in segments with high purchasing power, the director of ARBA, Cristian Girard, maintained that “what we are showing to society and, ultimately, to taxpayers, is that there are an Agency that is modernizing, that simplifies, that eases compliance for the vast majority. But those who do not comply, having the contributory capacity to do so, will be hit with all the force and with all the powers conferred by law.”

“I think it is very important to commit to generating genuine resources for the provincial government, because there are four years ahead that, everything indicates, are going to be very difficult in financial terms,” said Girard.

Along with these actions to detect undeclared constructions, the ARBA inspection teams retained 2 luxury yachts, since their owners owed together more than $1.5 million in Sports Boat Tax.

Due to their tax valuation and debt level, the yachts met the conditions to be seized by the agency. The current procedure in these cases provides for the temporary retention of the vessels and a period of 36 hours for their owners to regularize the situation.

If this is not achieved within the scheduled period, which ends today afternoon, the Collection Agency will apply its legal powers and proceed to the definitive seizure of the vessels, communicating the measure to the correctional judge on duty and the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

The comprehensive operation at Nordelta also included controls on high-end vehicles, to notify debts from the Automobile Tax and other taxes.

Of the total vehicles controlled, 104 were located in the province of Buenos Aires. Of them, 21% had patent debt, and after notification, the holders with debt signed payment commitments or paid electronically for an amount of $3.2 million.

Source: Ambito

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