The book that captivated Antonela Roccuzzo and inspired a series on Netflix

The book that captivated Antonela Roccuzzo and inspired a series on Netflix

Antonela Roccuzzo She is not only the wife of Lionel Messi and mother of Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Furthermore, rosarina is also model and businesswomanand his personal career earned him more than 39 million followers on their social networks.

His fandom is always attentive to everything he publishes, from vacation images to its day by day with your children. This past Wednesday, Rosario’s followers were surprised to see her latest story, where Antonela uploaded a photo of last book that has her in suspense: My Life With Walters Boys.

What is the book that captured Antonela Roccuzzo about?

During Wednesday afternoon, Roccuzzo uploaded a story to his Instagram where you could see a part of your day in Miami. Sitting behind a soccer goal, the image shows a matte seta bottle with stickers Messi world champion and a bookwhich raised the interest of his followers.

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The story where you can see the last book that caught Antonela Roccuzzo.


The book in question is called My Life With Walters. It is a title that is part of the trilogy written by Ali Novaka young American writer.

The story of the novel is about the life of the protagonist, Jackie, an exemplary student who ends up living with twelve boys after losing her parents in an accident. After her tragic event, her legal guardians take Jackie to live with a group of scandalous, dirty and unruly brothers, who do not understand the concept of privacy.

The two worlds – that of the protagonist and that of the twelve brothers – constantly collide. In more than 400 pages, Novak captivates the reader with his novel that became best-seller.

The book has a adaptation to the small screen – that can be enjoyed in Netflix –. We do not know whether Antonela Roccuzzo began reading the book on her recommendation or because of the series, but thanks to her social networks we can see that the influencer enjoys training reading with this bestseller.

Since his victory in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Lionel Messi seems to have taken a weight off his shoulders and is willing to enjoy your last years of career. After his greatest sporting success, and after discussing it privately with his family, the Argentine star decided to move to Miami to play for the Inter Miami of the league American soccer.

Since her arrival, Antonela Roccuzzo used her social networks as always to show the calm and relaxed pace of life that the Messis lead in their new home. The Rosario constantly shares with her followers images of your children, of your day to day, recommendations and his I work with different companies.

And now the businesswoman and model also shares her social life through their social networks. It is that Inter Miami signed Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Luis Suarezall former teammates of Lionel Messi at Barcelona FC, and the friendships between the footballers’ families resurfaced when they all met again in the United States.

In the last days of the preseason we could see how Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo shared a dinner with his old friends at Papi Steak restaurant, a place that stands out for the pure rumba dancing that the restaurant in Miami puts on. She was the well-known Colombian actress, Sofia Vergarathe one who spread the quote with a group photo.

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Messi, Busquets, Alba and Suárez are after the conquest of a new title, this time, with the Inter Miami shirt.

Messi, Busquets, Alba and Suárez are after the conquest of a new title, this time, with the Inter Miami shirt.


On this occasion, the own Antonela posted images of the evening in which they enjoyed a pleasant night and also had a great time. “Everything is more beautiful with friends“, Antonela published in a post on Instagram accompanied by some photographs in which Leo Messi can be seen with his friends and teammates with their partners: Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi, Jordi Alba and Romarey Venturaand Sergio Busquets and Elena Galera.

The truth is that the footballer and his family found a quieter place in Miami, where the superstar can go out without being chased and enjoy more time with his loved ones. This year, Lionel Messi will compete for american championshipin addition to facing a new America Cup with the Argentine soccer teamwhere he will seek to repeat the title he won in 2021.

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