Government confirmed the amount of the bonus for ANSES retirees

Government confirmed the amount of the bonus for ANSES retirees

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, announced tonight that the Government will award a bonus of $70,000 to the retired who receive their assets in the ANSES and pointed out that the minimum retirement, with the increase of 27.18%, will total almost 205,000 pesos.

During an interview, the head of the Treasury Palace stated that “with the bond of 70,000 pesosthe minimum retirement, which with the 27.18% increase goes to $130,000, will total almost $205,000 pesos.” The increase will be granted to those who earn the minimum salary.

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) formalized in the last few hours through a resolution published in the Official bulletin that the pension mobility formula showed an index of 27.18% for March. The result of the calculation of the current formula implies an increase in benefits significantly below the inflation recorded in the last two and a half months.

The Government confirmed that it will pay a bonus of $70,000 to retirees

With the increase of 27.18%, The minimum gross income will rise from $105,713 to $134,446If to that amount is added the $70,000 bonusthe minimum pension to be collected will be $205,000, while the maximum gross income will go from $711,346 to $904,690.

Regarding the minimum retirement, Caputo, In dialogue with TN, he said that “Almost 95% of those who get paid are those who did not contribute what they deserve” and took the opportunity to criticize Kircherism: “Those who did not contribute are two-thirds. That was the great idea of ​​the previous government to print money and add four million more retirees.”

The minister referred to the opposition’s criticism of the loss of purchasing power of pensions and pointed out that “poverty among retirees is 15%”while child poverty “is 60% or more”so he asked to put “everything in perspective.”

In addition, he recalled that in the omnibus law the ruling party had proposed a change in the calculation to prevent the deterioration of assets. “We said we should correct the formula for the benefit of retirees, we proposed CPI, so that they do not lose purchasing power,” he said.but the law was ultimately not approved.

In any case, he said that due to the effects that the calculation has in the current context “retirees must be compensated” because “I can’t marry them with that formula because it would be too unfair.”

Caputo spoke about inflation and economic recovery

The minister referred to the evolution of the economic activity for the coming months and anticipated when the inflation. “Things are getting better than any economist would have predicted. And we tend to think that already the last quarter of this year we are going to see a recovery“, said.

In addition, he stressed that “the sooner we lower inflation, the faster we will see the rebound of the economy” and stressed: “To lower inflation you have to be disciplined.”

About the price index February said wait “that close with less than 15%“and he announced that”By the end of the first semester we will already be in single digits.”

Regarding the adjustment, Caputo acknowledged that the middle class “is having a bad time” but added: “We always said it. “There is a very clear contract that I think people appreciate a lot because we tell the 100% truth.”

“We always recognized that it was going to be hard, which is something sad but understandable,” he stressed and pointed out that “We are working and doing everything possible to make this transition as least burdensome, but there was no other way.”

However, he said that “there is also a strong compression of companies’ margins.”

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