Carolina Cosse avoided entering into the controversy over the flammable rate

Carolina Cosse avoided entering into the controversy over the flammable rate

The Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosseavoided entering into the controversy over the collection of the flammable tax Ancapafter the Justice declared the tax unconstitutional and established that the capital’s Municipality must return about 30 million dollars to the autonomous entity.

This Wednesday, at a press conference, the departmental leader pointed out that it is an issue that is being carried out by the Legal Department of the Montevideo Municipalityand that “due to the importance” and “delicacy” of the matter “he is not going to touch it.”

“It is a legal issue and the Legal (Assessment) of the Municipality is very good and is going to handle it very well,” the presidential candidate of the Broad Front (FA).

Ancap will offer the Municipality of Montevideo different forms of payment of the amount demanded

He vice president of Ancap, Diego Durandtold Subrayado that next March there will be a conciliation hearing through Uruguayan Distributor of Fuels SA (Ducsa) where the 30 million dollars will be requested. “The documentation was sent to the Municipality, administratively first, while in parallel we began the judicial process,” he explained.

“The ruling that declares the flammable tax unconstitutional states that it must be paid retroactively to the distributors of Ancap four years ago, and that’s 30 million dollars,” he explained.

Regarding the ruling, he stated that it forced the Municipality to repeal the flammable tax, but that the capital government ignored the section referring to retroactive payment.

Likewise, the official indicated that they hope that at the conciliation hearing they can agree on future forms of payment of the amount claimed, as well as “analyze the situation” of the case.

“What we cannot do is charge less than what arises from a sentence of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) which the law grants to Ancap those 30 million dollars,” he asserted.

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