Job prospects ghost train: The Vienna Prater is looking for staff

Job prospects ghost train: The Vienna Prater is looking for staff
Many attractions: from suitable for children to adrenaline-inducing

The shortage of workers does not stop at the Wiener Wurstelprater: 13 companies there have more than 80 vacancies to fill, as the Prater Association reports. This represents 60 members. We are now urgently looking for staff so that all rides, snack stands and bars can reopen soon.

The Prater is one of Vienna’s most popular leisure attractions: roller coasters, autodromes, Ferris wheels, ghost trains, tagadas and the like delight a large audience every year. The fixed points usually include a visit to one of the numerous restaurants, such as the Schweizerhaus. Jobs are difficult to fill because people also work on weekends and evenings.

The list of occupations in shortage is as diverse as the offering. On the one hand, the companies are looking for people who work directly on the rides, i.e. showman assistants. But men and women who have completed training as technicians, electricians, mechatronics engineers or plumbers are also in demand.

Starting shot in March

We are also urgently looking for waiters or people who look after snack stands. The Schweizerhaus alone has 25 positions to fill.

With too few employees, it is difficult to keep the business running. Although some attractions are also open in winter, the opening of the Schweizerhaus on March 15th is considered the starting signal.

In order to ensure operations, a job fair was organized this week with the Vienna Public Employment Service: 200 candidates took turns introducing themselves to employers, as in “speed dating”.

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