Oliver Pocher and Cora Schumacher: She follows up via Instagram

Oliver Pocher and Cora Schumacher: She follows up via Instagram

What happened between Cora Schumacher and Oliver Pocher? In a recent Insta post, Schumacher even calls the comedian a liar.

Did Cora Schumacher (47) and Oliver Pocher (46) have an affair or not? While Schumacher continues to stick to her jungle camp story, Pocher has already denied everything in his podcast. On Thursday, Schumacher followed up against Pocher. In a lipsync parody, she had a woman with a strong Eastern European accent speak about men’s problems and imitate their mouth movements.

She commented on this with reference to Pocher’s stage program “Liebeskasper”: “Girls, it’s better to close the door if some ‘Liebeskasper’ is standing in front of your door again…” As hashtags, she added, among other things, #liar or #truestoryiscoming (in German: “The real story is coming”). Schumacher also responded in the comments to the post.

A follower wrote reproachfully: “Well, whoever bangs on has lost touch with reality anyway.” Cora had nothing to say in response to the remark, except the insight: “Unfortunately I have to agree with you…” Apparently she no longer seems to be interested in Pocher either.

Oliver Pocher denies the affair

Oliver Pocher already denied an alleged affair with Schumacher in an episode of the Podimo podcast “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled” with ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40). He specifically addressed Schumacher’s jungle camp revelations and said literally: “Between me and Cora there is not a single photo or any story or anything else. There is simply a person who tells something that in their perception took place should have. That was it.”

He also explained how annoyed he was that the public immediately believed Cora Schumacher’s story. Schumacher previously claimed in this year’s season of the RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” that she had sex with him after the separation from Pocher and his wife Amira Pocher (31). In the jungle camp, she said, among other things, that Oliver had come over and she was “gladly to open the door” for him. The two have known each other for around 20 years. She also stated that she had a “bit of a crush.”

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