What impact will it have for users?

What impact will it have for users?
February 23, 2024 – 15:01

The Government of Javier Milei published the regulatory decrees that deregulate union social works.


He Government made official the deregulation of the social works. This will impact the way the service is provided. health to workers and how they will be able to decide which coverage to join.

Last Wednesday, the Government of Javier Milei published the regulatory decrees that deregulate union social works. These rules will come into force starting March 1 of 2024.

The modifications in question must be implemented by the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) and the Superintendence of Health Services (SSS). They will have to adopt the necessary complementary measures for the introduced modifications to be implemented.

Deregulation of social works: what changes will it generate

One of the important changes that users will see will be related to the instance of choice of one’s own social work. With the modifications, workers from all types of companies will be able to choose between the union and sectoral social workssocial works of management staff and companies prepaid health.

On the other hand, the minimum stay period will not apply to those beneficiaries who have chosen a Prepaid Medicine Entity as provider of your medical coverage. Another requirement for this condition not to be included is that said entity be duly registered in the established Registries.

To adapt to the new regulations, entities They may merge or associate with each other. Furthermore, to make these decisions, these companies must take into account that those that do not meet the minimum conditions established by current regulations will not be able to survive. In this framework, it is known that a third of the system lacks sustainability.

This adaptation process will surely impact health companies in a way that brings about a process of competence which will speed up the depuration of companies that fail to comply with their responsibilities assumed.

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