The CAS confirms the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee linked to the war in Ukraine

The CAS confirms the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee linked to the war in Ukraine

He Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) This Friday he rejected the appeal of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) to the suspension decided in mid-October by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) before the war in Ukrainewho will turn two years old tomorrow, in a decision that Russia branded as “unprecedented discrimination” against their athletes.

He IOC suspended the Russian committee for having integrated under its authority several sports organizations from occupied Ukrainian regions, while the court of sports arbitration indicated that its decision is “final and binding”with which the last way to Moscow will be to appeal within 30 days to the Swiss Federal Court.

In his opinion, the TAS appreciate that the COI “did not prejudice the principles of legality, equality, predictability and proportionality.”

Meeting in India on October 12 during its 141st session, the IOC altered his schedule to react to the “unilateral decision” taken a week before by R.O.C. to annex four Ukrainian sports organizations.

Russia included among its members some regional sports organizations that are under the authority of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee. Specifically, he took control of sports organizations in the cities of Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk and Zaporiya.

According to the international Olympic organization, this Russian initiative constituted a “violation of the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee” and, therefore, of the Olympic Charter.

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Putin questioned whether Russia will compete in the 2024 Olympic Games.

On November 6, the Russia went to TAS to appeal that decision.

The suspension of R.O.C.now confirmed, adds to a series of sanctions adopted by the IOC at the end of February 2022just after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army: the ban on organizing international competitions on Russian soil or in Belarus (ally in the large-scale invasion), and the veto of the official symbols of the two countries in sporting events and world podiums.

This measure of IOC had the added effect of depriving the R.O.C. of Olympic financing.

However, at the beginning of December the IOC authorized Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the Paris Olympic Games this year, as long as they have not actively supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine and that they compete under a neutral flag.

In response, the R.O.C. denounced today that the confirmation of the TAS of the suspension is a “unprecedented discrimination” against their athletes, subjected to “humiliating criteria” in order to participate in the Olympic Games 2024.

accusing TAS if there is “ignored the numerous legal arguments” presented by Moscowhe R.O.C. In a statement, he accused the agency of acting as “a political instrument” at the service of the West.

“The Court of Arbitration for Sport has long lost its objectivity in everything related to Russia”declared the Russian organization, pointing out a “sports discrimination against Russians, which has reached unprecedented proportions”as detailed by the news agency AFP.

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