Some 800,000 children will stop receiving family allowances

Some 800,000 children will stop receiving family allowances
February 27, 2024 – 16:33

In addition, the values ​​will be affected in relation to the inflation of the first quarter, which is estimated to be 70%.

Approximately some 800,000 boys and girls will no longer receive Family Allowancesdue to the reduction of income ceilings that entitle formal workers to receive these allowances from the national government.

During this year it was expected that the parents of 4,782,604 boys and girls They would collect the family salary per child, something that now It would diminish to almost 4 million, according to the Decree of Necessity and Urgency 194/2024.

The only reductions will not be in the number of people who will stop collecting, but also the values: will increase between March and May by 27.18% in relation to the inflation of the first quarter, which is estimated to be 70%.

What will the assignment values ​​be like?

Until now, the family salary per child according to Total Family Income had a limit of $3,960,000, with different values ​​for certain provinces and localities.

From now on, said aid will consist of the following:

  • If the family income does not exceed $406,909will be charged per child $26,277, 27.18% above the current $319,947 and $20,661, respectively.
  • If the family income exceeds $406,909 and up to $596,776, will be charged per child $17,72227.18% above the current $319,947 and up to $469,237 and a profit of $13,934.
  • If the family income is around between $596,776 and $689,000, will be charged per child $10,717above $469,237 and up to $541,751 and the current profit of $8,426.
  • Finally, if the total family income is greater than $689,000 and up to $2,154,806will be charged per child $5,526 monthly. So far, it is between $541,751 and up to $3,960,000 and $4,345 is charged.

As of March 2023, the income ceiling of the Family’s asignations with the floor of Income Tax. “With each update of the floor at which Income Tax begins to be taxed, the ceiling up to which Family Allowances are received will also be updated,” they had explained at that time.

Now him Executive power considerably reduced the income caps and specified: “Mobility will be applied to the amount of family allowances and to the updating of the limits and income ranges of the family group that determine the collection, in cases where its use corresponds.”

Through the decree 194/2024, The Government reduced the established income limit of $1,980,000 to $1,077,403. Meanwhile, the maximum family limit went from $3,960,000 to $2,154,806.

Source: Ambito

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