Fashion trend “Extraordinary Everyday”: Stylish update for “Quiet Luxury”

Fashion trend “Extraordinary Everyday”: Stylish update for “Quiet Luxury”

Quiet luxury and sophisticated details: The “Quiet Luxury” fashion trend gets a stylish update with the “Extraordinary Everyday” trend.

2024 is the year everyday fashion becomes extraordinary. Exceptionally luxurious with exceptional details. The “Quiet Luxury” fashion trend gets an exciting update that is suitable for everyday use with the “Extraordinary Everyday” trend.

The “Quiet Luxury” fashion style is characterized by its understated elegance and its focus on high-quality materials, simple cuts and subtle details. It is a style that expresses luxury and a sense of fashion more through restraint and sophistication, rather than through flashy logos or excessive and extravagant jewelry.

This is how “Quiet Luxury” becomes the “Extraordinary Everyday” trend

“Quiet Luxury” with its neutral color palette and high quality will remain with us in 2024. However, the “Extraordinary Everyday” trend gives the simple cuts a small dose of unusualness. For spring, the designers have created a new take on quiet luxury by taking casual basics to a new level with extraordinary details.

The designers play with extraordinary details

For example, Gucci gives classic loafers an eye-catching platform heel, while Loewe presents white, wide-cut high-waisted trousers with an extra high waistband on the catwalk. Valentino, on the other hand, gives elegant, pointed, black ballet flats an extraordinary update with the help of elegant straps that bring more glamor to everyday looks.

How “Quiet Luxury” fashion becomes an eye-catcher

In order to implement the “Extraordinary Everyday” trend in everyday life, you have to learn to think a little “out of the box”. As with “Quiet Luxury”, the basis is high-quality materials, simple cuts, a neutral color palette and subtle details. The trick is to integrate a part into the look that meets the basic rules, but has a detail that makes it look more unusual than normal. Such as loafers with platform heels or an XXL blazer.

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