The 3 best free blockchain and cryptocurrency courses

The 3 best free blockchain and cryptocurrency courses

These tools were established in the global economy, so it is important to be informed about them. In this note, the best courses.


The Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology They have established themselves as a new form of global economy, with its advantages and disadvantages. There are many fans and experts in the field who want to throw themselves fully into this world. With constant variables, understanding how digital currencies work on the blockchain is a great challenge.

But there is something that is not in doubt: both cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be a fundamental part of the economy of all countries and of people in particular. That is why it is very important to prepare for this, which is why these are the three best courses to delve into the subject.

What are the 3 best free blockchain and cryptocurrency courses

1. Complete Cryptocurrencies and Binance Course for Beginners (Udemy)

This course is essential for all people who want to learn about this cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrencies in general. The teaching modules are divided into several classes or lessons and offer a complete guide about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. But it is not only about Bitcoin, other alternatives such as Ethereum, Litecoin and many more will also be covered.

2. Free BITCOIN Mining (Udemy)

This course teaches everything about Blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, operation and history of these. This knowledge allows us to discover all their applications, which go beyond these topics that have become so common.

The classes are divided into videos of just over 2 hours, where they also cover topics on smart contracts and Ethereum, which have been very present lately.

3. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies from Scratch (Udemy)

This course is very complete because it starts from scratch, addressing everything about this cryptocurrency that, although it is not the only one that exists, is the most popular and has served as a reference for years.

The classes are divided into videos of more than 3 hours, covering all the benefits, operation and more about this new era, and the people who teach them are professionals in both Bitcoin and cryptoasset trading.

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