Ex-RAF terrorist: Federal prosecutor’s office: Arrest warrant opened against Klette

Ex-RAF terrorist: Federal prosecutor’s office: Arrest warrant opened against Klette

After the court hearing in Karlsruhe, Daniela Klette was flown back to Lower Saxony by helicopter. Background to the arrest warrant: attempted murder and explosives explosions.

Former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette is unlikely to get out of prison any time soon. Even if something changes to the ongoing pre-trial detention as a result of an arrest warrant from the Verden District Court, an arrest warrant from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office from 2018 will also apply.

An investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe issued this arrest warrant to Klette and booked him into custody, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said. This is what it is called when someone is already in custody or in custody and another arrest warrant is issued. This doesn’t have any concrete consequences at first: After the appointment in her hometown of Karlsruhe, the 65-year-old was taken back to Lower Saxony by helicopter.

The accused is strongly suspected of attempted murder in two cases as well as attempted and completed explosive explosions in complicity in three RAF attacks between February 1990 and March 1993, according to a statement from the highest prosecutor in Germany. According to a spokeswoman, membership in the terrorist organization Red Army Faction (RAF) itself has now expired.

Participation in three RAF attacks

Specifically, according to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, on February 25, 1990, Klette and other RAF members as the “Fighting Unit Febe Elisabeth” tried to trigger an explosive explosion in the Deutsche Bank administration building in Eschborn near Frankfurt. Members of the command had parked a car in the area of ​​the gate entrance with 45.05 kilograms of explosives in the trunk. “In the event of a detonation, the pressure wave would have hit the security room in the entrance area of ​​the building, in which three Deutsche Bank AG security officers were staying at the time,” it said. The only reason there was no explosion was because the ignition device failed.

On February 13, 1991, Klette and other RAF members are said to have carried out a gun attack on the US embassy in Bonn-Bad Godesberg as “Commando Vincenzo Spano”. At least 250 shots were fired at the building with automatic long weapons and 65 projectiles hit the embassy. There were at least ten people in the part of the building that was immediately at risk.

According to information, on March 27, 1993, the RAF commando “Katharina Hammerschmidt” carried out an explosive attack on the newly built Weiterstadt correctional facility near Darmstadt, which was not yet occupied by prisoners. According to the statement, the command included, in addition to Klette, the wanted former RAF terrorists Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg. Command members got over the prison wall, overpowered the guards and some prison service candidates and took them away from the prison grounds in a van. The explosion of several explosive devices in the prison caused damage worth 123 million German marks.

No takeover of the Lower Saxony investigations

Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann believes that the fact that another arrest warrant has now been issued against Klette is a great success for the investigative authorities. “It shows that we are serious when we say that we have staying power in investigations and searches,” said the minister. This also sends “a clear signal to today’s terrorists – and to their sympathizers.”

Klette was caught in Berlin at the end of February after more than 30 years underground. The proceedings by the Verden public prosecutor’s office are also directed against Staub and Garweg. This concerns suspicions of attempted murder and serious robberies from 1999 to 2016 – i.e. after the dissolution of the RAF. “According to the constitutional distribution of powers between the federal and state governments, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office would not be able to take over the investigation into this,” explained the Karlsruhe authority.

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