In a month they will be competing with importers

In a month they will be competing with importers

Caputo took advantage of a consumer’s complaint on social network coffee capsules to put a deadline on the process that will lead to greater offer in the gondolas.

The consumer posted an image of a tube of capsules “Cabrales” coffee in Coto at $7,200 along with another that demonstrated in the American chain Walmart in the United States it was cheaper.

“In a month it will be competing with imported ones, so I don’t think it will sell much more coffee at those prices…”, he answered. the minister to that post.

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The Government will open food imports to lower inflation

Last week the National government He announced that he will open imports so that there is greater competition in the food market. food, while he complained about the massiveness of the promotions by quantity that distort the price per unit.

February inflation was 13%, marking a new decrease compared to Januarybut the Government warns of signs that the process may hit a snag and is studying measures to encourage it.

In fact, it decided to postpone the increases in transportation and energy rates that were going to have a strong impact this month.

Luis Caputo’s measures to stop the inflationary escalation

This Monday the Government launched a battery of measures to try to stop the inflationary escalation March: one aims at better coordination of public policies carried out by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Internal Commerce, while another directly seeks to reduce taxes for a period of time to calm the rise in prices.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) suspended for 120 days the collection of Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) for imported merchandise that includes products from the basic basket such as food and medicines.

Food prices in the basic basket rose 6.9% in the first half of March, in the midst of the controversy between the Government and supermarkets and leading mass consumption firms, according to the survey by the consulting firm LCG.

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