Almost 2,000 people retired and continue working thanks to the social security reform

Almost 2,000 people retired and continue working thanks to the social security reform

It represents about 10 returns per day since August, within the framework of the compatibility promoted by the new law, highlighted Minister Pablo Mieres.


Almost 2,000 people retired and continued working, thanks to the new regime implemented after the social security reform, According to data presented today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

In this way, since the new law came into force, about 10 people per day opted for this modality to return to the working market, the minister specified Pablo Mieres in dialogue with Telemundo.

“In seven months, almost 2,000 people opted for this regime, which includes partial withdrawal or retire part-time and continue part-time in the company,” he highlighted. Mieres, who recalled that with the old method “all the workers who reached the age and wanted to retire had to retire for everything or continue working, but they did not have the possibility of doing so for one and continuing for the other.”

“Today, if you have a sole proprietorship with which you bill, you maintain the billing and retire as an employee or vice versa. This law makes all retirees equal,” said the leader and recalled that “the partial retirement It implies that the person keeps their job, but a person can retire in a company and after a certain time re-engage in another job within the same company or with other working conditions.”

Compatibility was one of the key points of the reform

It is worth highlighting that the compatibility between work and the collection of passiveness was one of the axes of the law, since it contemplates the situation of population aging and extension of life expectancy where more and more retired people are looking for an extra income to their liabilities or to continue with work activities in a registered manner.

The main drafter of the reform, Rodolfo Saldain, He maintained months ago that several retirees were going to value the modification as “a very relevant change” and estimated that some were awaiting it “with anxiety”, something that the current figures seem to justify.

Saldain recalled that those who are not retired and want to continue with their small business without employees “can choose not to make more contributions as long as they meet the requirements” and those who have employees (non-dependent workers) can retire, since “they will be able to collect their retirement and maintain their business if they employ staff. The requirement is to be 65 years old, 30 years of work, and 3 years as a non-dependent.

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