Power bank with 4 ports for 25 instead of 40 euros: The top deals on Tuesday

Power bank with 4 ports for 25 instead of 40 euros: The top deals on Tuesday

Going on a bargain hunt is not that easy: you usually have to laboriously look for offers. Here you can easily get worthwhile deals at a glance.

Maybe you know this: In order to get a good offer, you often have to laboriously click from page to page, possibly register for the hundredth newsletter and then, in the most annoying case, fulfill other conditions. In short: bargain hunting often takes effort and time – and sometimes it’s nerve-wracking. To make it easier for you to find the best deals, you will find worthwhile offers from various areas at a glance here: bargains such as tablets or smartphones, kitchen gadgets, garden tools or other everyday helpers.

The top deals of the week


37% discount: A ADDTOP Power Bank 26800mAh, 22.5W Power Bank USB C External Battery with PD 20W Power Delivery, Portable Charger with 4 Ports Compatible with Smartphone, Tablets and More, for 24.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros.

50% discount: WMF Diadem Plus cooking pot large 20cm, glass lid, roasting pot induction 3l, Cromargan polished stainless steel, uncoated, for 39.70 euros instead of 79.99 euros.

48% discount: Bailey’s Deliciously Light Original Irish Cream Liqueur – now with reduced calories, guaranteed enjoyment on ice and in cocktails, 16.1% vol, 700 ml single bottle, for 8.99 euros instead of 17.49 euros.


43% discount: WMF professional frying pan, Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10 (1 piece), uncoated, ideal for searing, induction, for 44.99 euros instead of 79 euros.

29% discount: adidas Originals sports trousers ADICOLOR SST (1-piece), for 239 euros instead of 279 euros.

40% discount: Sonos Move Mono Smart Speaker (Bluetooth, WLAN (WiFi), 40 W), for 269 ​​euros instead of 449 euros.


37% discount: CRIVIT Big Wheel Scooter, for 49.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros.

42% discount: LIVARNO home reed privacy screen, 100 x 600 cm, can be shortened, for 19.99 euros instead of 34.99 euros.

50% discount: PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE® torsion bit set / bit and socket set »PBSP 2 B2«, for 8.99 euros instead of 17.99 euros.


62% discount: adidas Performance Entrada 22 Express Set Kids NEW, for 29.95 euros instead of 79.95 euros.

13% discount: KRUPS blender Blendforce+ KB4351 mixer 800 watt ice crush function white, for 64.95 euros instead of 74.99 euros.

39% discount: Trust Ximo Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set DE QWERTZ with Trust Reno Headphones Headset, for 24.99 euros instead of 40.98 euros.


41% discount: JIL SANDER Sunset Eau de Parfum, 75 ml, for 19.27 euros instead of 33 euros.

50% discount: YOOP! Homme Eau de Parfum, 75 ml, for 31.40 euros instead of 63 euros.

15% discount: BaByliss Perfect Finish hot air brush, for 50.91 euros instead of 59.90 euros.

food bowl

15% discount: animonda CARNY Adult mix package 12x400g meat menu 1, for 16.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros.

45% discount: Kerbl Vario small animal outdoor enclosure, for 59 euros instead of 109 euros.

34% discount: Defu Adult Mini Poultry 800 g, for 4.09 euros instead of 6.29 euros.

Baldur Garden

13% discount: Summer lilac ‘Papillion Tricolor’, for 12.95 euros instead of 14.95 euros.

22% discount: White pampas grass for 6.99 euros instead of 8.99 euros.

11% discount: Scented geranium ‘Moskito-Schocker®’, for 7.99 euros instead of 8.99 euros.

Maisons du Monde

56% discount: Wall lamp made of oak wood with 3 lampshades made of white metal, for 60 euros instead of 139 euros.

62% discount: Hammock made of recycled cotton, terracotta, 100x200cm, for 30 euros instead of 79.99 euros.

66% discount: Lantern made of brown rattan, for 20 euros instead of 59.99 euros.


Perfect Plus with 250 channels in HD and twelve months of Wow streaming

If you like streaming series or films, you should take a closer look at this offer. Waipu.TV is currently available with a saving of 180 euros. The deal includes the TV offer from Perfect Plus with 250 channels in HD and a voucher for twelve months of Wow streaming. Waipu.TV is currently offering a whopping 50 percent discount on the Perfect Plus package.

The details of the deal:

  • Easter Combo Pack: Perfect Plus and Wow Streaming
  • Discount: 50 percent – ​​five instead of 9.99 euros per month
  • Extra: Wow voucher for one year worth 9.98 euros per month
  • Term: twelve months
  • Savings: 180 euros for one year
  • Duration up to and including April 7th, 2024


Tariff deal: Secure an all-net flat rate with 250 gigabytes on Freenet?

Freenet currently has an interesting deal for frequent surfers: the GigaMobil M tariff with all-net flat rate and 250 gigabytes in the Vodafone network. For new customers, Freenet increases the data volume from 25 gigabytes to a full 250 gigabytes. That’s a whopping 225 gigabytes more per month. In addition, the regular monthly basic price drops from 59.99 euros to 24.99 euros.

The details of the deal:

  • 25 GB data volume + 225 GB extra every month
  • 5G network with 300 Mbit/s in download
  • GigaDepot: take unused data volume with you into the next month
  • Flat rate for telephony, SMS and EU roaming
  • Price: 24.99 euros per month instead of 59.99 euros
  • One-off connection price: 29.99 euros

More tips for saving

There are new ways to save every day – but especially with discount campaigns like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday or Black Monday. If you sign up now for a free 30 day membership Amazon Prime Register, you can access lightning offers 30 minutes in advance. You can simply cancel your subscription after the discount campaign. So you benefit from the advantages, but you don’t have to pay anything for them. In addition, shipping costs are waived for Prime products.

By the way: You can also find information for numerous online shops here.

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