Alexander Klaws: The singer is becoming a dad for the third time

Alexander Klaws: The singer is becoming a dad for the third time

Wonderful news from Alexander Klaws and Nadja Scheiwiller. The couple announced at Easter that they were expecting their third child.

Great news about Easter from Alexander Klaws (40) and Nadja Scheiwiller (38). The couple is expecting their third child together. The singer and musical actor posted on the occasion of the good news on Easter Monday, April 1st: “Hey Easter bunnies, I just found an egg that I hid a few weeks ago…” He also posted some pictures of themselves and his wife’s already clearly visible baby bump, which they had decorated together with finger paints in the style of an Easter egg.

In one of the three pictures he also plants a tender kiss on the baby bump. After some rumors in the comment columns that the supposed baby news was just an April Fool’s joke, the mother-to-be made it clear: “Yes, the date may not have been chosen optimally, but yesterday we didn’t manage to post and after today the Easter egg would no longer have made any sense.” She also wrote about the numerous positive comments: “Thank you dear ones for the many congratulations and no, it’s not a joke – we definitely wouldn’t joke with something like that!”

Klaws and Scheiwiller met at the musical “Tarzan.”

Alexander Klaws, who first attracted attention as the winner of the very first season of the RTL casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, met and fell in love with his Swiss colleague Nadja Scheiwiller in 2010 during joint rehearsals for the musical “Tarzan”. The two tied the knot in 2019 and are already parents to two sons, Lenny and Flynn. The gender of the upcoming child has not yet been announced.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news in September 2022, Klaws said about his role as a father that he takes on the strict role in the household: “My parents have influenced me in such a way that I am definitely stricter than Nadja and therefore hit the table quicker .” His wife is much more patient and frugal and prefers to take three breaths before she raises her voice. He envies her inner peace: “My fuse is definitely shorter.”

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