Energy: China criticizes EU investigation into wind power companies

Energy: China criticizes EU investigation into wind power companies

China’s state investments in the field of renewable energy have long been the focus of Brussels. The EU Commission is now investigating some companies. Beijing is angry about the measure.

China has sharply criticized the investigation initiated by the EU Commission against Chinese wind power companies. The EU investigation represents a protectionist act because it arbitrarily distorts the facts when defining subsidies, the procedural standard is neither open nor transparent and it affects fair competition conditions, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in Beijing on Thursday. An official from the authority raised China’s concerns in Brussels the day before.

The EU Commission had previously announced on Tuesday that it had indications that certain wind turbine manufacturers had benefited from foreign subsidies that gave them an unfair advantage over competitors. According to EU information, there is an accusation of distortion of competition. Specifically, it is about services for wind farms in Spain, Greece, France, Romania and Bulgaria.

Complaint about the EU Commission report

The EU measures damaged the confidence of Chinese companies to invest or enter into trade cooperation in Europe and affected global efforts to combat climate change, the Chinese authority said. Brussels must correct and stop its wrong practices.

Beijing also complained about the EU Commission’s update of a report on state-initiated distortions in China’s economy. The Ministry of Commerce announced that this was strongly opposed. The report can serve as a factual basis for EU investigations related to anti-dumping. Brussels had added details of distortions in the telecommunications equipment, semiconductor, rail, renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors to the report.

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