When is the June 2024 bonus collected?

When is the June 2024 bonus collected?

Workers in a dependency relationship will receive the bonus June 2024, whose deadline for companies to deposit it is the last day of that. This is an additional remuneration to the salary, which is calculated based on the time worked during the ending semester, and which is paid in the middle and end of the year.

He Supplementary Annual Salary (SAC), or better known as aguinaldo, is 50% of the highest monthly remuneration received by each worker, taken each semester. If the entire period was not worked, it is calculated proportionally.

When is the 2024 bonus paid?

By law, the payment of the bonus has a deadline of June 30. Although a delay of four business days is allowed for companies.

In the case of the second installment, it is paid in December.

Bonus: how to calculate how much to collect

To calculate the bonus The best gross salary received in the semester must be taken as a basis. Then half of that best salary is calculated, divided by six and multiplied by the number of months worked.

That is to say, for those who worked the entire semester the formula is: Half of the best gross salary divided by 6 and then multiplied by 6. For the proportional, the last value is changed by the corresponding number of months.

Does the bonus pay income tax?

On the other hand, in the event that Congress approves the fiscal package sent by the Executive, the exemption of the Christmas bonus from the Income Tax will be eliminated, although it will have a special deduction so that it is not subject to the tax.

If the average monthly remuneration and/or gross income for the annual fiscal period exceeds $974,516, then the bonus will be covered by Profits. Before that sum he will not pay.

In the case of employees included in the schedular tax for the highest incomes, it allows them to deduct a non-taxable annual minimum of 180 minimum vital and mobile salaries (SMVM) and that amount is not increased by the effect of the bonus.

Although there is no regulatory norm that establishes the obligation to withhold income tax for those included in the schedular tax, the AFIP, through its website, indicated that the withholding regime of RG (AFIP) 4003 must be applied. considering 15 monthly SMVMs that, for the first semester, amount to $2,340,000 (SMVM for January 2024 $156,000 x 180/12).

The bill that has half the approval of the Chamber of Deputies eliminates the exemption from the Christmas bonus mentioned above.

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