5 years of Ibiza video: Would Strache resign today?

5 years of Ibiza video: Would Strache resign today?
Heinz Christian Strache

Sigrid Brandstätter

Head of Department for State and Domestic Policy

Border still stands

In Austria, the culture of resignation is not at all pronounced. We know this tradition; the electorate has lived with it for decades. Because we shrug our shoulders and take note of borderline power politics, because politicians and party apparatuses lack the sensitivity to serious misconduct, because the “we won’t let any of our own be shot out” mentality and ducking through works – as long as you don’t completely alienate your own clientele is pushed.

The Ibiza video surpassed all of this and shocked the Republic. Strache ultimately resigned because the head of state also showed the way to the People’s Party as the Chancellor’s Party (“We’re not like that!”) – that would still be the case today.

Manfred Wolf

Manfred Wolf

Head of Local Affairs Department

Anyone who leaves too early…

To paraphrase Mikhail Gorbachev: If you leave too early, life punishes you. What Strache said in Ibiza five years ago shocked the country. Anyone who entertains such fantasies and expresses themselves in such a way cannot be a politician. Point. That should also apply today.

Should. Because today Strache would in all probability “do the devil”. Those in charge of the FPÖ have now pushed the limits of what can be said – with the support of a large part of the population – to such an extent that it is no longer even a problem if their federal party chairman presents himself as the People’s Chancellor. Just like it was once done with Hitler. Who seriously believes that Ibiza would be a problem today?

What is your opinion on this?

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