What is the total amount of the June retirement after the announcement of the bonus and bonus?

What is the total amount of the June retirement after the announcement of the bonus and bonus?

In both May and April, the entire bonus was collected by those who receive the minimum monthly salary. Those who are included in that group (including those who receive the Universal Pension for the Elderly), They charged $70,000.

For those who receive a higher income, however, the Government paid a proportional amount of $70.00 until reaching $260,141.6.


The Government will distribute a new bonus of $70,000 for retirees.


How are retirements left after the announcement of the bonus and bonus?

As anticipated Ambitin June retirements and pensions will have an increase of 8.8% corresponding to the April CPI and the minimum retirement will go to $206,874.

To that number will be added the collection of the bonus of $70,000 and the bonus of $103,497.03, so the minimum retirement amount, adding all the amounts, will amount to $380,491.08.

The maximum asset, meanwhile, will reach $2,088,750.

Retirement mobility: the opposition in Deputies has already requested a new session for June 4

The opposition was about to give an unexpected blow in the Chamber of Deputies, since Unión por la Patria and the dialogue sectors expressed by the UCR, Hacemos and the Civic Coalition were today on the verge of an agreement to sign a joint opinion that improve the pension mobility formula of the Government and restore the diminished assets of retirees.

In any case, the efforts did not fall on deaf ears since These political forces committed to ironing out the small differences between both opinions in view of the session that the dialogueists have already requested for Tuesday, June 4 at 11.

Until this afternoon, there was a principle of agreement to find a synthesis in the plenary session of the Social Security and Budget commissions: Unión por la Patria agreed to lower its original intentions of initially recomposing remunerations by 30% and was coupled with the proposal of “the dialogueists” to set this compensation at 20.6% corresponding to what retirees lost in the month of May.

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