Car thefts shot up 25% in March

Car thefts shot up 25% in March

According to data from a private report, vehicle theft continues its increasing trend. The private car continues to be the most stolen vehicle, accounting for 60% of the cases.


According to the latest report of the “Ituran Vehicle Theft Indicator” (IRV), vehicle theft continues to increase, revealing worrying data about road safety in Argentina. Ituran Argentina, leader in innovation and technology for vehicle recovery services, presented the findings for the month of March, compiled by its Command and Control Center in CABA and GBA.

During this time, armed robbery prevailedrepresenting the 71.13% of cases, a considerable increase compared to theft. Daniela Medina, Manager of the Command and Control Center of Ituran Argentina, pointed out a significant change in criminal methods, with an increase in violence towards vehicle owners.

The most stolen cars according to the report

The report revealed that Private cars represent 60.28% of stolen vehicles, with a notable preference for classic models by criminals. They follow him 4×4 trucks with 24.11%, utility vehicles (7.80%), trucks (4.96%) and motorcycles to a lesser extent (2.84%).

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Private cars represent 60.28% of stolen vehicles.

Private cars represent 60.28% of stolen vehicles.

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Regarding the most affected areas, the The western zone concentrates 36.26% of the cases, La Matanza being the epicenter of vehicle theft with a 28.57% of the total. The South Zone follow with a 29.67%, followed by the northern zone with 19.78%. Federal Capital registers a lower incidence of robberiesmaintaining a constant trend throughout the year.

What are the most frequent days and times of car theft?

The analysis also reveals patterns in the days and times of highest risk. ItTuesdays represent 17.61% of cases, closely followed by Wednesdays and Fridays. Regarding the schedules, The night is the most dangerous period, followed by the afternoon and early morning.

Franco Taraborelli, General Manager of Ituran Argentina, stressed the need to adopt preventive measuress in the face of the growing number of thefts, especially those involving new technologies. He highlighted the importance of having devices and tools that allow identifying and preventing these incidents, providing early warnings to address this challenge that increasingly affects the daily lives of Argentines.

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