Pietro Lombardi: Did he miss the birth because of the “DSDS” filming?

Pietro Lombardi: Did he miss the birth because of the “DSDS” filming?

Does the birth of his child conflict with the filming of “DSDS”? Pietro Lombardi has a plan.

Could Pietro Lombardi (31) miss the birth of his third son? His fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (28) is currently excited that the baby could be born in August or September. But of all places, the singer is going to Greece, where the re-recall of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” is being filmed. However, Lombardi thought everything through well.

Pietro Lombardi is allowed to break the rules

Judges typically have to switch their smartphones to airplane mode during production. This time there is an exception for Pietro Lombardi. “I love ‘DSDS’. That’s everything for me. But when the phone rings, no one is mad at me,”

The team around pop titan Dieter Bohlen (70) is his family, “everyone would say: ‘Pietro, go!'”. Since his partner is pregnant, he has to be “always on call.” “Let’s hope she can hold out until I get there,” said Lombardi.

The singer already has son Leano (1) with the influencer, and Lombardi is also the father of son Alessio (8) from his relationship with singer Sarah Engels (31).

21st season of “Germany is looking for the superstar”

This year the singer is once again on the jury with Bohlen for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. The duo receives female support from Loredana (28) and Beatrice Egli (35). Filming is already underway. RTL will show a total of 15 episodes of the 21st season – including a live finale – on free TV from autumn.

Source: Stern

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