How will it be paid and who will collect it?

How will it be paid and who will collect it?

The aid will benefit those who receive a total salary of up to $206,931.10 and for those who exceed this amount, the aid will be equivalent to the amount necessary until reaching $276,931.10.

Contributory and non-contributory benefits and ex-gratia pensions administered by ANSES will be the main beneficiaries.

This action is added to the aid previously granted in January, February, March, April and May 2024and responds to the critical socioeconomic situation that especially affects older adults with lower incomes.

The measure takes effect immediately and seeks to protect the purchasing power of beneficiaries until the next salary update in July 2024, in accordance with the retirement mobility formula.

Retirees and pensioners: how ANSES will pay the $70,000 bonus

According to what is detailed in the decree, the bonus of $70,000 in June will be paid as follows:

  • It will be received by those who, for the sum of the assets of all their current benefits, receive an amount less than or equal to $206,931.10. For them, financial aid will be $70,000.
  • Holders who receive an amount greater than $206,931.10, the pension financial aid will be equal to the sum necessary until reaching the limit of $276,931.10.
  • Pension beneficiaries (PUAM and non-contributory) They will be considered as a single holder to receive the $70,000 bonus.

ANSES bonus of $70,000: who will collect it in June 2024

He extraordinary reinforcement of $70,000 is intended for:

  • Retirees and pensioners that do not exceed the minimum asset ($206,931.10).
  • Those retirement and pension holders who do not exceed the $276,931.10 they will receive an extra will be equal to the sum necessary to reach that value.
  • Holders of the Non-Contributory Pension (PNC).
  • Holders of the Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM).

Increase, bonus and bonus for ANSES retirees: how the assets look in June 2024

In June, ANSES retirees and pensioners will collect, along with the monthly salary and the bonus of up to $70,000, the first Complementary Annual Salary (SAC), better known as the bonus.

Holders of retirements and pensions paid by ANSES will receive a payment equivalent to 50% of the highest monthly remuneration paid in the semester. The amount of the SAC arises from the amount they will collect in June, since it includes the increase due to the mobility formula.

As reported by ANSES, retirements remain in June as follows:

Retirements and minimum pensions will be charged for the credit, the half bonus and the bonus of $70,000: $380,396.95.

Retirements and pensions of two minimums will receive the first installment of the bonus: $620,793.30.

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