Emigrate to France: these 19 surnames help you process citizenship

Emigrate to France: these 19 surnames help you process citizenship

The French country attracts citizens from all over the world because its new measure offers flexibilities to settle in their nation.

He Government of France made official a list of 19 surnames that make the procedures to obtain citizenship more flexible French to those who share it in their name. This is a repertoire that covers the most common surnames of the country’s citizens. This measure allows the paperwork to be expedited so that applicants can settle and work in their territory.

Immigrating to France is a great dream for many Argentines who want to seek greater economic stability abroad.. Also, this country protects some of the most recognized tourist destinations in the world, which Argentines could visit while they work. In addition, France has an ideal geographical location to undertake trips to destinations throughout Europe.

Emigrate to France: requirements to process citizenship

Those who want to apply for French citizenship, They must comply with the requirements established by the French civil code. The main one is the filiation of the ancestors. This characteristic can be fulfilled if any of the ancestors meet the criteria of blood right or double land right. The first of them is that the ancestor was born in France, while the second is that he has at least two consecutive generations of French ancestors.

The characteristic of French citizenship is that it can be obtained through maternal and paternal channels, with no limit on how many generations must be counted. The only limitation is that there is a period of 50 years to obtain citizenship after the ancestor has left France.

The documentation that must be presented are:

  • Birth and marriage certificate of French ancestors.
  • Birth and marriage certificate of the parents of the ancestors.

Emigrate to France: the list of surnames that help process citizenship

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The list of the most common surnames is made up of:

  • Martin
  • Bernard
  • Thomas
  • Petit
  • Robert
  • Richard
  • Durant
  • Dubois
  • Moreau
  • Laurent
  • simon
  • Michelle
  • Lefebvre
  • Leroy
  • Roux
  • David
  • Bertrand
  • Morel
  • Fournier

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