more than half of the companies recognized problems paying debts

more than half of the companies recognized problems paying debts

After a new survey of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) The result of more than 1,200 companies was that the main industrial indicators are all negative, since firms with falls in production, sales, exports and employment predominate.

53% of the companies surveyed faced production declines, 60% in sales, 37% in exports and 24% in employment. But one fact caught our attention: 53% of companies in the country recognized difficulties in meeting at least one obligation, such as salaries, suppliers, financial commitments, public services or taxes.

The survey of the manufacturing entity also stated that The number of companies that could not meet any of these payments doubled since the last survey.

The indicator is locatedn levels of contraction from July 2022 and thus accumulates “seven consecutive surveys below 50; practically two years of decline.”

The lowest levels of the series were recorded in the production and sales variableswhich indicates an “exacerbation of difficulties in the industrial production network, especially in SMEs,” said the report, which stated: “This situation resulted in more companies having difficulties in making payments.”


SMEs, the most affected by the recession according to the UIA report


UIA: the expectation of companies

Companies considered that their economic situation is worse than a year ago. This was observed both in the perceptions about the company itself (58.4%), and in the situation of the sector of activity (77.2%) and the country (67.2%).

Likewise, a improvement in expectations for a year from now: 62.1% of companies expect their company’s economic situation to improve in the next year, while 68.3% expect an improvement in the country’s situation.

As the main challenges going forward, industrialists recognize that the increase in costs was the main concern for 30.2% of companies. Also Concern arose over falling demand from other sectors (25.1% of companies) and due to the fall in household demand (23.3%).

Source: Ambito

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