Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Who is she really? Her dance coach reveals all

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Who is she really? Her dance coach reveals all

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has come of age, but the public has rarely seen the celebrity daughter and little is known about her. Her choreographer now tells us what makes the young woman tick.

In 2021, several videos of Shiloh dancing went viral for the first time. The then fifteen-year-old daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie demonstrated enormous talent. The videos were reported worldwide.

Perhaps the world’s most famous celebrity daughter trains hard for dancing. Her choreographer, Keelan Carter, recently shared a recent video, in which he wrote in the caption: “Her moves are insane. Thank you for your energy, Shiloh.” He also tagged an Instagram account called “sh1lohj,” which apparently belongs to Shiloh and which, according to profile information, has been around since August 2020 – but it is private.

Private is the right keyword when it comes to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. She rarely appears at a film premiere of her famous parents. Her outfits in private are usually casual, loose and relaxed. She doesn’t seem to care much about fashion and doesn’t particularly like being in public. This is also confirmed by her dance teacher in an interview with the British news portal “Daily Mail”: “Shiloh is an exceptionally talented dancer who shows dedication and hard work. She is sincere and never uses her celebrity status to her advantage.”

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt does not want to be perceived as a celebrity daughter

According to a source to US Weekly, she has “made some good friends through the dance community. They’re all in chat groups and share their favorite playlists and stuff like that. The teachers are all very impressed with her and say there’s no limit for her if she wants to get to the next level. And Shiloh could do just that.”

Concerning the fact that Shiloh does not want to be treated as a celebrity’s daughter, her dance coach Keelan adds that he did not know who she was at first – because it does not play a role in the dance studio. There are no special treatments for the 18-year-old during dance training either, her coach emphasizes. The video, which he published on Instagram, was “created in the same way as any other dancer who comes to my sessions and deserves to be featured.”

In any case, Shiloh did not inherit her dancing talent from her famous father, says the dance teacher. In an interview with the “ET” portal, he describes her father Brad Pitt as “Mr. Two Left Feet”. The trainer cannot explain where his daughter’s extraordinary talent comes from. Shiloh, called Shi by friends and family, is also said to be a very funny, silly and playful person, as Angelina Jolie said in an interview with “Vanity Fair” in 2010.


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