Companies: Scholz: We must accelerate construction projects for the energy transition

Companies: Scholz: We must accelerate construction projects for the energy transition

More speed in construction projects, fewer hurdles, especially in renewable energies – that is what Chancellor Scholz is promising the economy. He sees the East on the road to success with new investments worth billions.

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to resolutely push forward the acceleration of construction projects, for example for the expansion of renewable energies. “We are still a long way from our goal – but we are pushing ahead with it with all our might,” said Scholz on Sunday at the East German Economic Forum in Bad Saarow, Brandenburg. “More speed” is now needed in reducing bureaucracy.

At the three-day conference, the heads of business associations and companies will discuss with politicians and scientists the consequences of structural change in Eastern Germany as a business location. The three-day conference takes place at a time of ongoing economic weakness and great uncertainty for companies.

Scholz said that with the first acceleration packages, the federal government had already achieved a turnaround in the expansion figures and also in the approval period for renewable energies. Now the biggest reform of the Federal Immission Control Act in 30 years is being added. The new law is intended to enable wind turbines and industrial plants to be built more quickly in the future – among other things through more digitalization and the removal of bureaucratic hurdles.

High bureaucratic hurdles

Scholz said that test documents often fill meter-long filing cabinets. “They then check whether a wind turbine or an electrolyzer has a negative impact on any species of bird or flower. I don’t want anything for the flowers and birds. But when it comes to building new lines, setting up a new energy supply or climate-friendly production, it’s all about environmental and climate protection. We simply can no longer afford to stop all of this because of a flower that can grow a few meters further.” That’s why the government is now relying on “fully digitalized processes with more options for shortening them, on clearer deadlines, and on starting construction earlier,” the Chancellor assured.

Scholz called the business location in eastern Germany a success story. He said: “In eastern Germany in particular, a real re-industrialization is currently taking place.” Scholz referred to “investors from all over the world” such as Tesla, Catl, Intel, Infineon, Amazon and TMSC, who decided to invest billions in eastern Germany.

Eastern Germany has a number of locational strengths, including larger commercial areas than in other countries and more renewable energy produced. “The latter in particular is a self-created locational advantage, the importance of which will only continue to increase in future location decisions.” To achieve this, the expansion of renewables must go hand in hand with the expansion of the grid.

Scholz praised the energy and initiative in East Germany and pointed to an example in Brandenburg. There, the state government wants to accelerate the expansion of the electricity network together with large distribution network operators. “Hands-on East German – I hope that this will set a precedent elsewhere.”

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