Soybeans are going to disappear and we are going to the total failure of the oil industry

Soybeans are going to disappear and we are going to the total failure of the oil industry

The head of the Chamber of the Oil Industry of the Argentine Republic indicated that “We lost the game, there is no turning back” and considered that “Argentina is retired from agriculture and we are going to the total failure of the oil industry.”

When arguing his harsh analysis, Idígoras pointed out that “there is not a single global investment” that is thought for the Argentine oil industry, quite the opposite: “There are global visions of disinvestment in Greater Rosario.”

Gustavo Idígoras: “Argentina is retired from agriculture”

In that sense, he assured that it is an “irreversible” scenario due to “an accumulation of distortions” in recent years and due to the global competition that neighboring nations and the United States will represent for the country.

If Argentina continues like this, it will not produce more than 15/20 million tons of soybeans per year and Bolivia will devastate us and surpass us, since in the last 15 years its production grew by 400% and Argentina 0. Paraguay is going to become the great factory, behind Brazil, and that is why in a few years The industrial center of Gran Rosario is not going to have any sense of existing“, he said in statements to the Rosario3 portal.

The leader of the agro-export industry pointed out that “We have been deceiving ourselves for 10 years” saying “that we ‘eat the boys raw’ and that we are going to feed the world, and the truth is that we feed the world less and less, that it is being fed by Brazil and USA”.

The present shows that while “Paraguay is a bulldozer, Argentina is an agricultural retiree”said Idígoras, and justified his expression: “We have been absolutely stagnant for 15 years, like in soybean production.”

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Idigoras about Javier Milei: ““It allowed us to look at the future again with a better perspective.”

Beyond his critical vision about the future in the agro-export sector, the representative of CIARA-CEC spoke in good terms regarding the current administration by noting that “for the first time in a long time Javier Milei’s government allowed us to look at the future again with a better perspective and not so much administering everyday state interventionism.”

“Milei allowed us to get out of interventionism,” Idígoras continued.and clarified that the current situation “is not a problem of this Government”, but, on the contrary, “thanks to this Government we are looking at what is happening in the rest of the world, and for the first time we ask ourselves if it is not the time to change.”

Regarding what the position of the Executive Branch should be, Idígoras maintained that “it has the titanic task of achieving macroeconomic stabilization, lowering inflation and achieving exchange rate unification.” “As exporters, and it must be said, these are the three basic conditions we need to get started. In that sense, the sector fully supports the Government.”

However, he clarified that They have not yet had the opportunity to go deeper with the officials on the conditions for the agro-export sector to begin a positive cycle. Beyond what he believes The Government “is receptive”also acknowledged that they explain to him that “they have a house that catches fire with only one fire extinguisher to put out the fire.”

On the other hand, with regard to the oil sector, its owner considered that “the Argentine agro-export sector has already missed the train of next opportunities for the food supply and energy in a global market that is already planning the coming years and decades.”

We are going to go back 100 years to be a country of wheat and corn. The tax system, the logistical shortcomings, and the particular policies that were taken for the agribusiness. All of this did not allow this industry to grow as it should have grown,” he noted and added: “Argentina should be competing to be the world’s biorefinery and supply biofuels for aviation and maritime transport to the entire world and most likely in the “In the future, we will import bio from Paraguay and Uruguay to supply international airports.”

Finally, he indicated that “the future is black and the present is black”: “The rest of the world already takes all the investments. “Brazil and the United States absorb the growth and Argentina will have zero investment and disinvestment.”

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