Pablo Mieres assured that the country faces a very big problem with drug trafficking

Pablo Mieres assured that the country faces a very big problem with drug trafficking

The presidential candidate of the Independent Party called for the unity of the political system to discuss the problem.

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The former minister of Work and Social Security (MTSS) and presidential candidate of the Independent Party (PI), Pablo Mieresassured that Uruguay faces a “very big” and “very big” problem with the drug traffickingwhile calling the entire political system to unity, in order to discuss possible solutions to face the challenges that this problem poses for the country.

The leader of the Multicolor Coalition He regretted this Sunday at a press conference that the Broad Front (FA) dropped last year from the call made by the Ministry of Interior to discuss a State policy on public security.

“We have a very big, very big problem, linked to the drug traffickingand beyond the underlying solutions we have to make a very clear confrontation, but at the same time back to back,” said Mieres, who added: “In the political system there are issues that we should discuss among all and resolve in the appropriate way. as quickly as possible.

In that sense, he indicated that he understands how it is necessary for the National Police regain presence in the neighborhoods, but rejected the senator’s proposal and presidential candidate for the National Party (PN), Jorge Gandinito take the military to the streets in some critical points of the country.

“We must make the Police more professional”

“I do not agree. The military does not agree either, it is a very risky step. Yes, we must professionalize the Police more, give it more power and trust that police force in the fight against crime and particularly against drug trafficking“, said the former MTSS head.

Until now, Gandini’s proposal to militarize the streets has received various criticisms from opposition sectors, but it does not seem to have any support within the coalition’s own ranks either.

Source: Ambito

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