The Government announced a salary increase for the Armed Forces

The Government announced a salary increase for the Armed Forces

Joint decision No. 33/2024 of the Ministries of Economy and Defense establishes a new increase for military personnel. How the scales will be from now on.

Within the framework of joint negotiations, the Armed forces will grant a pay rise starting in June. Through the joint resolution No. 33/2024published this Monday in the Official bulletinThe ministers Luis Caputo (Economy) and Luis Petri (defense) signed the new salary scale that will apply to military personnel and the Naval Establishments Police.

This is a standard issued so that it “recognizes an adequate hierarchy in relation to the capacity, responsibility and dedication required by the correct execution of its activity.”

Salaries: new salary increase for Armed Forces personnel

To define it, the Technical Advisory Commission on Salary Policy of the Public Sector, the technical areas and the permanent legal services of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy intervened, following the powers contemplated in sections 1) and 2) of subsection g of the article. 3 of decree 101 of January 16, 1985, replaced by articles 6 of decree 954 of November 23, 2017 and 10 of decree 1086 of November 29, 2018.

resolution increase FFAA 03-06


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