Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: “Air kiss” at meeting after crisis rumors

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: “Air kiss” at meeting after crisis rumors

After rumors of a crisis and the cancellation of her tour for family reasons, Jennifer Lopez is back with Ben Affleck.

After rumors had recently circulated about a crisis in their marriage, Jennifer Lopez (54) and Ben Affleck (51) appeared together again on Sunday. The two were photographed attending a basketball game of Affleck’s son Samuel (12). It was their first joint appearance after Jennifer Lopez announced her .

The two superstars reportedly came to the event separately. Lopez had previously visited a market with her daughter Emme (16). Affleck and Lopez hugged and kissed. However, according to US media reports, not on the lips. Lopez and Affleck reportedly only pressed their cheeks together briefly. A rather friendly kiss, which she described as an “embarrassing air kiss”. Although they reportedly “only” kissed on the cheek, they were in a good mood. Observers also noted that “Bennifer”, as J.Lo and Affleck are affectionately called by their fans, did not enter the gym hand in hand. At least they drove away together afterwards.

Separation rumors about Bennifer

Samuel is the son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (52). The actress was also present at the basketball match, as was Affleck’s mother Anne Boldt.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck didn’t really use their arrival in front of numerous photographers to dispel rumors of a breakup. These have been circulating for some time, for example when J.Lo attended the Met Gala solo. In addition, the stars, who have been married since 2022, are said to be living in separate houses. But that also had to do with Ben Affleck’s filming.

Tour cancellation due to marital crisis?

On May 31, 2024, Jennifer Lopez canceled her tour. “I am deeply saddened and devastated for letting you guys down,” she wrote on her website. “I want you to know that I would not do this if I didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary,” she added.

“Jennifer is taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends,” said tour promoter Live Nation. Some observers saw the cancellation as a symptom of a marital crisis.

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