Did you have any left? You can sell this $10 bill for $300,000

Did you have any left?  You can sell this $10 bill for $300,000

Despite not being used due to the loss of face value, this rare specimen can be worth a small fortune.

A 10 peso bill is causing a sensation among collectors and they are willing to pay up to 300 thousand for it. It is a copy with the face of Manuel Belgrano with a particular error that makes it unique.

Interest in numismatics continues to grow constantly, and collectors are increasingly on the lookout to find particular or unique pieces. If you have one of these tickets, do not hesitate to check its value.


What is the $10 bill that sells for $300,000 like?

The 10 peso bill that sells for 300 thousand is one that has the image of Manuel Belgrano on top of his horse on the reverse, and has a gross printing error that for now seems to exist in only one copy.

It’s about a overprint detail that makes the back and front overlap. This completely modifies the image, and makes it appear that instead of a 10, the number 101 appears.


What is numismatics

Numismatics is the discipline that is responsible for the study of coins. It allows its value to be established formally and facilitate historical dissemination at the same time.

Also, it is an auxiliary science of archeology that specifically deals with study coins, medals or items that serve to preserve value or as currency of exchange issued by a nation. In this case, the meaning we use is related to the search and collecting of these objects.

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