Deputies ratified the Senate changes and the political party financing law was approved

Deputies ratified the Senate changes and the political party financing law was approved

The vast majority of members of the House of Representatives voted in favor of the project, although some differences were raised.

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The House of Representatives (Deputies) ratified the changes proposed in the Senate Chamber and turned the political party financing project into law, which was voted almost unanimously by legislators despite some differences being raised.

This Wednesday, the bill, which had already been approved unanimously in the Senate, received 71 votes out of 73 in Deputies, with the exception of Cristina Alvarezdeputy deputy Eduardo Lust of the Environmental Constitutional Party and Cesar Vegaof the Intransigent Radical Ecologist Party (PERI).

Among the differences that were marked in the venue, the discussion around the “benefits” for lists that are headed by women and the number of minutes of free advertising on TV for political forces stood out.

For his part, Deputy Vega pointed out that he “does not accept” the modifications that were introduced in the Senate, since the PERI “will not accept private financing of any kind” and the project “returned worse” from the Upper House.

The Colorado Party voted in favor, but with some reservations

He deputy of the Colorado Party (PC), Conrado Rodriguezexplained that the modified project was not “optimal”, since his political force would have liked anonymous donations “to no longer exist.”

In that sense, he stated that, despite everything, from this project “progress has been achieved” with respect to the current legislation, since “the central objective of the bill was to generate control mechanisms with sanctioning and enforcement powers.” transparency of political parties in electoral campaigns and in their permanent financing”.

However, he said that “there are still things on the way,” from which “some modifications will surely have to be made in the future.”

Embed – House of Representatives. Extraordinary session. Wednesday, June 5, 2024, time 2:00 p.m.

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